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Writing the Perfect CV   view our sample CV

Here are some tips on writing a great CV/Resume?

If you are looking for a long-term or permanent position it is vital you have an up-to-date and relevant CV which really sells your skills, experience and abilities. But what makes a great CV? Here are A Star Teachers top tips:

  • Accuracy is vital! It should go without saying that you should thoroughly check your CV for spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Keep it relevant. You are looking for a job in a school so focus the content of your CV on your education experience particularly:
  • Ofsted Experience
  • Schemes of work you have written
  • Classroom management strategies and behaviour management techniques used.
  • Exam group experience and success
  • Experience of working with SEN pupils
  • Monitoring, assessing and reporting on pupil attainment
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities

Ensure that the layout of the CV is logical, consistent and easy to read. The reader will want to scan through your CV quickly, so use clear headings, separate sections and lay out information neatly. Order your CV carefully to sell yourself in the best possible light. For example, list your Career History before your Education. 

Include a “Key Strengths” section if you lack suitable experience but have gained some great transferable skills, and place this early in the CV, before listing your work experience.

Present your information in reverse chronological order, with newest qualifications, work positions, etc. first.

Avoid these common CV pitfalls:

Writing in the first person – write in the third person, but keep the sentences short, punchy and active. Use bullet points to keep things concise where possible.

Too long – keep your CV concise. 1-2 pages is best, and 3 if you are a mature candidate with lots of relevant experience.
Career gaps – watch out for gaps on your CV, for example between jobs. Think about how you can sell your career break / first time mum, experience, etc. What transferable skills did these give you; did you carry out any voluntary work during this period, etc.?

Once you have finished, re-read it and get a friend to look at it – we know it can be difficult but a great CV really helps us sell you to schools.

Download a sample CV to help you get started.