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Teaching assistant jobs London

Teaching Assistant (TA) is the generic term used for classroom assistants, learning support assistants and other staff whose primary role is to assist the teacher as well as student learning. The role of the TA is to help raise educational standards in the classroom by providing support for the students, teacher and the school.

Responsibilities range from performing routine tasks to working with individual children with special needs, and an increasing number of teaching assistants being given the task of assessing pupil literacy and numeracy performance.

Teaching Assistants can help manage large and small groups of children enabling the pupils to receive more attention and become better learners. They can also give extra help to those children who find interacting with other pupils difficult.

Do you feel you have the qualities required to make a real difference to the learning experiences of either mainstream pupils, or children with Special Educational Needs? A Star Teachers can help you find teaching assistant supply jobs in London. As one of the premier teaching assitant recruitment agencies working in London, we have the experience and the knowhow to help you find your dream job.

We Require:

  • At least one year's experience working with children within a school or other recognised organisation in the last two years.
  • A fully checkable work/academic history.
Why use A*Star Teachers?

A*Star Teachers has a team of highly qualified professional development staff that assist in providing induction, professional development and support in the classroom through the induction year. We can also help negotiate your supply teaching assistant pay and more. 

Once you've found the right school, you will either be taken on directly or, if you would like a trial period, you can teach on a supply basis for a term. We offer continued support and professional development to assist you in getting the best from your initial teaching experience.