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A* Star Teachers can help you whether you are seeking a permanent teaching job, long term teaching job, a guaranteed supply teaching job in different schools, or just to teach a few days here and there.

We offer a wide range of teaching jobs covering nursery, primary, secondary and special needs in a variety of schools with a special focus on London and the surrounds. We are owned and operated by fellow teachers and pride ourselves on matching your teaching specialisms and preferences to vacancies in schools and in supporting you in post.

The main types of work we offer:

Supply Teaching Jobs London/UK
The UK term for casual, relief or subststute teaching is supply teaching. Supply teaching is arranged when a school needs daily cover from time to time. It may be due to many reasons including scheduled teacher professional development or teacher illness.

Supply teaching can be useful when you first arrive to teach in the UK, providing experience and insight you wouldn't be able to obtain anywhere else. It allows you to pick up daily roles in a variety of schools with no long term commitment.

Your UK consultant will source supply teaching work for you.  Usually schools will advise us in advance of days they require supply teachers. There are still days when you get that 7:30am phone call for work however the great thing is that most of the work is booked at least the day before you are due to teach (giving you time to plan & prepare!)

It is advisable, especially for day-to-day teachers, to purchase a mobile phone upon arrival in the UK, as this will ensure that you are easily contactable by your UK consultant for daily work. Remember to get any overseas phone unlocked from your network if you want to use it here.

Guaranteed Work Scheme
Our guaranteed work agreement offers the security of a long term teaching job with the variety of daily supply teaching. We literally guarantee you daily supply work and pay you even if we have no work for you on a particular day. In return we ask that you guarantee your availability to us. Register or contact your local A* Star Teachers representative to discuss our Guaranteed Work Programme.

Long Term Teaching Jobs
Schools always need qualified teachers to cover unfilled vacancies, maternity leave or long term absences. Such posts can last anywhere between six weeks to a whole academic year. So if you want the security of a long term teaching job or simply prefer to teach in just one school then this option will suit you best.

Permanent Teaching Jobs
A* Star Teachers assists schools to fill their permanent teaching vacancies. In a permanent placements you will be contracted and paid directly by the school on a monthly basis. Register now and we will be in touch within one working day.

We can help you earn more by offering tutoring jobs in London. In addition our sister company A* Star Equivalency offers opportunities to tutor potential trainee teachers through UK equivalency exams and professional skills tests.