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What is Supply Teaching in UK/ London? 
The UK term for 'casual teaching' or 'relief teaching' is supply teaching. Supply teaching is arranged when a school needs daily cover from time to time. It may be due scheduled teacher professional development, teacher sickness or other factors. If you are looking for teaching jobs in the UK, supply teaching could be for you. 

A* Star Teachers assist schools to fill in for absent teachers by providing teaching jobs in the UK for overseas teachers. Supply teaching is particularly useful sometimes when you first arrive to teach in the UK, providing experience and insight you wouldn't be able to obtain anywhere else. It allows you to pick up daily roles in a variety of schools with no long term commitment.

What is Short-Term Teaching?
Schools contact A* Star Teachers for teachers who can cover a class for a few days or more. Short-term assignments are a great way to get to know the school and make a great impression in the hope they ask you back again and again!

Your UK consultant will facilitate sourcing casual/ supply teaching work for you.  Most times the schools will advise us in advance of days they require supply teachers. There are still days when you get that 7:30am phone call for work however the great thing is that most of the work is booked at least the day before you are due to teach (giving you time to plan & prepare!)

Once you are booked your UK consultant will then contact you to give you the details of the appointment, information about the school, and directions on how to get to the school. It is advisable, especially for day-to-day teachers, to purchase a mobile phone upon arrival in the UK, as this will ensure that you are easily contactable by your UK consultant for daily work.  Don't forget that we give you a UK SIM card as part of your induction package. Remember to get your Aussie phone unlocked for your network if you want to use it here.

Once you get a foot in the door at a school (or a number of schools) you will find that you get requested back by these schools to teach. This gives you the benefit of knowing the students, staff, the school timetables etc and how to get there. This less temporary work often leads to long-term or permanent teaching jobs.