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A Star Teachers’ Safeguarding Guarantee exceeds best practice standards set out in ECM Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education (Jan 2007).

We guarantee the following to our schools:

  • High quality teachers and teacher support staff  for all temporary and permanent requirements
  • Candidate Profile: a synopsis of qualifications, experience, achievements and references is sent in advance of all placements
  • Safeguarding Guarantee:* provided in advance of every placement ensures all supply staff have the following;
  1. Unbroken CV: All applicants provide and up to date CV. CVs must be complete, gaps are investigated and references requested
  2. References: Minimum of 2 professional references including the most recent (refers to teaching attributes, covers recent experience, reasons for leaving and suitability to work with children). Written verification is obtained with all open references. We routinely phone and discuss references with referees.
  3. Interviews: All teachers undergo a rigorous face-to-face interview to demonstrate that they are competent, committed, diligent and adaptable. In addition, show evidence of good classroom management skills, behaviour management strategies, subject knowledge and lesson planning. In addition "Safeguarding" questions are asked during the interview stage.
  4. A Star Registration forms: Candidate must read, completed in full and sign & date Contract, Code of Conduct & Equal Opportunities.
  5. Identification and Date of Birth Check: We check ID and keep copies of least one form of photo ID (passport or UK photo driving licence) National ID card for each teacher, with proof of address (Utility Bill, P45/60) and where appropriate sight marriage and divorce certificates.
  6. AWR (12 week qualifying period): All teachers provide documentation to confirm their pay scale, enabling consultants to accurately inform schools (at the beginning of a potential long term assignment) of their position regarding the 12 week qualifying period.
  7. Teaching Qualifications: Originals or certified copies of certificates of their academic and professional qualifications must be provided. Ordinary copies are verified with the issuing authority.
  8. Permission to work in the UK: Passports are checked for evidence of their right to work with the correct visas permitting work in their passports. Copies of visas/work permits (where applicable) are kept.
  9. Prohibition Order Checks: A* Star Teachers checks the records of all teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) including any:
    • trainee, newly qualified or fully qualified teacher excludes teachers achieving (QTS) through qualified teacher learning and skills(QTLS)
    • teacher with an active restriction (including any teacher with QTLS to whom this applies)
    • teacher who has been the subject of decision by the Secretary of State not to impose a prohibition order following a determination by a professional conduct panel of unacceptable professional conduct, conduct that may bring the teaching profession into disrepute or conviction of a relevant offence.
    • We also access a separate list of teachers who:
      • have been prohibited from teaching
      • have failed to successfully complete their induction or probation period
      • may be the subject of a suspension or conditional offer imposed by the General Teaching Council for England (prior to abolition) that is still current
      • Please note: The prohibition order check is different to the barred list check operated by the DBS
    • All our applicants have an enhanced DBS check, a barred list check and a prohibition order check.
  10. DBS check A Star Teachers is a DBS Registered Body: All applicants have an Enhanced Disclosure issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The Safeguarding Guarantee includes the DBS number, date of issue and declaration. A Personal Criminal Declaration provided on Safeguarding Guarantee.
  11. The Children’s Barred List (formerly List 99): All teachers are checked against the database. Rechecked annually - date and comments are provided on the Safeguarding Guarantee
  12. Medical fitness to teach: Applicants complete medical declaration- where necessary A* Star Teachers employs services of medical advisor.
  13. DfE number: TRN provided on “Safeguarding Guarantee” Use overseas equivalent for foreign teachers..
  14. Qualified Teacher Status: Teachers Qualified Teachers Status is checked through “Employer Access Service”.
  15. Overseas Police Checks required for any teacher with a fixed address for more than three months outside of the UK over last 18 months, certificate must date with an official stamp.
  16. Overseas Teacher Registration: Proof provided of teacher registration with the appropriate overseas authority. Compliance with all guidelines outlined in the DfE “Overseas trained teachers” departmental advice on employing overseas trained teachers of December 2014.
  17. Communication: Assessment of spoken and written English. If necessary, using the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  18. Addresses: A* Star Teachers require proof of current address and a copy of the teacher’s addresses over last 5 years (including postcodes).
  19. Personal Details: e.g. Address and Date of Birth issued separately on request (for data protection).