Australian Teachers

Australian teachers are well regarded by schools in London and across the UK. The two countries share a similar curriculum which allows Australian teachers to easily transition into the UK school system and work successfully in primary and secondary classrooms alike.

An Australian primary school teacher herself, Maddy arrived in London in early 2016 and has worked across schools in the UK for 2 years prior to working for other teachers in recruitment. Maddy says; “It is my role at A Star teachers to ensure my fellow Aussie teachers are supported and assisted in sourcing a perfect new job!”

Maddy is a qualified primary school teacher from Australia who has lived and worked in London for almost 3 years. She has taught in a variety of schools and year levels in both Australia and the UK. Now she is working on the Primary desk to help fellow primary teachers find their perfect new role.

If you are an Australian teacher looking to work in London or the UK, get in touch with Maddy on 0207 272 7070 or to find out more about our application process.

Australian Trained Teacher, Holly – Teaching through A Star Teachers