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Value for Money

  • Our charges are lower than our major competitors
  • All the home study materials for our exams can be readily purchased online and are inexpensive.
  • High quality, professionally written, exam board GCSE exams which are well supported, professionally administered.
  • Exams are professionally assessed and results are returned promptly, generally within one or two weeks.
  • We offer our examinees a range of options that provide flexibility on the day, time and location of exams
  • We also offer a broad range of training options to support examinees.

Widely Accepted (*)

  • We have assisted thousands of aspiring teachers achieve course prerequisites for over a decade  
  • We have an excellent reputation as a successful, well established, major provider of equivalencies to teacher training providers
  • Our equivalencies are accepted by most teacher training providers.

Our expertise

  • Our equivalency team is made up of former teachers, headteachers, university student registration staff and we know how to best assist you through this process
  • We only use experienced successful professionals to support you including professional markers and exam invigilators receive JCQ training.
  • All examinees are ID checked by staff with Safer Recruitment Training/compliance training. Scanned copies are kept secure for auditing purposes for up to 12 months.

Security and Accountability

  • Banks of exams in each subject are regularly rotated to ensure examinees sit fresh exams
  • Completed exams, marking schemes, profiles of markers, copies of examinees photo ID and evidence of dyslexia (where relevant) are kept secure for 12 months for the purpose of auditing the process before shredding
  • Anti-fraud certificates include a Unique Identification Code linking the certificate to named examinee’s results.

(*) Note since there now so many providers and policies are subject to change we ask examinees to first check with their chosen training provider before booking. If any issues arise please pass your details and the provider’s details to eqsupport@astarteachers.com as we can generally assist.  

Exams charges paid for you

  • A* Star Equivalency has a sister company called A* Star Teachers. They supply staff into daily supply, short term, long term and permanent roles in nurseries, primary and secondary (though to A level) schools /colleges throughout London and the South East.
  • They are offering to pay/refund the exam costs for candidates that refer school staff looking for work and/or for referring schools /nurseries who are prepared to use staff with their offer of a FREE TRIAL!
  • If you are interested in taking advantage of this popular offer please email:  examrefund@astarteachers.com with your contact details.