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The Best Teaching Blogs of 2017

10 Apr 15:00 by Alan Jarque


Whether you’re starting out in the teaching industry or whether you’re a veteran, you’ll know that the learning never ends. There are always ways in which you can improve your teaching methods and your own knowledge base. But where do you turn for teaching advice? Online there are hundreds if not thousands of teaching blogs and sorting through them all to find the very best is a mammoth challenge. Thankfully, here at A Star Teachers, we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best teaching blogs of 2017.

Let’s dive in. 






Regarded as one of the most influential blogs discussing the state of education in the UK, Te@cher Toolkit is a must visit for any education professional. Run and authored by Ross McGill – an experienced deputy headteacher, the site’s a leading authority in the field and offers a tonne of actionable tips and advice. 





Started by David Didau back in 2011, The Learning Spy was an outlet for this experienced teacher to discuss the state of the education system. As of February this year, the blog had recorded a staggering 2.5 million visitors to the site, making it one of the most popular education blogs on our list. 





Run by Tom Starkey, a teacher and writer, Stack of Marking covers Tom’s own experiences as a teacher and the wider issues within teaching at the moment. The site covers everything from dealing with romancing students to behavioural issues. 





Learning is Messy is run by Brian Crosby, a teacher with over 30 years’ experience. Although he works in the US, his blog is full to the brim with advice and tips on getting practical in the classroom. He’s such an authority in the field that he’s regularly invited to talk at esteemed shows like TEDx, too. 





Pragmatic Reform talks about ‘what works in education’. It draws lessons from the most successful school systems and offers up ideas on elements you can adopt into your own teaching methods, hopefully getting ‘insights into what a great education system would look like in England’. 





Run by Stephen Tierney, Leading Learner is a leading blog discussing the curriculum, learning, and leadership. With a wealth of experience in education behind him, Stephen provides a wealth of information on his blog including resources and more. 





This is my Classroom provide consultancy services and staff training for Primary Schools. Their blog provides tips, analysis, and insights into every day teaching that can help prospective teachers, and people within the industry transform their approach to the profession. 





Authored by Debra Kidd, Love Learning... is a website dedicated to helping improve education. Each post is an insightful look into the thoughts of an active teacher and she looks at everything from gender within the profession to the current teacher shortage. 





Eva Buyuksimkesyan is a teacher and small business owner. She runs regular writing and reading workshops for children and on her blog provides some great advice on becoming and being a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher. 





This site is ‘an online community for educators committed to one of the toughest, most rewarding jobs out there’. Their content helps inspire teachers with classroom ideas, resources, and comments on what’s going on in the industry. 





Cool Cat Teacher is owned and run by Vicki Davis, a full-time classroom teacher. The blog offers a huge range of advice, from motivating yourself as a teacher to advice on helping a child turn their day around. She offers great podcasts you can listen to on the way to and from school, too!





Tom Sherrington is education consultant with 29 years’ of teaching and headteaching experience behind him. His blog, Teacherhead, acts as the home for all of Tom’s advice, which crosses a wide span of topics including books you should read as a teacher to common pitfalls. 





Laura McInerney is an education writer, researcher, and self-proclaimed policy nerd. Her real passion is looking at government policies and breaking down exactly how they’ll impact pupils, teachers, parents, and the wider school community. 





Resourceaholic is a site that offers ‘ideas and resources for teaching secondary school mathematics’. It’s a treasure trove of useful information for anyone that currently or is looking to start in teaching mathematics. 





The Confident Teacher is run by Alex Quigley, an English Teacher, and author of two books: ‘Teach Now! English’ and ‘The Confident Teacher’. His site looks at every day advice for those working in the profession including everything from developing handwriting to teacher workloads. 





Trivium 21c is authored by Martin Robinson, an educationalist with interests in culture, politics, the liberal arts, and creativity. The blogs looks in-depth at Martin’s ideas and comments on varying topics within the teaching profession.





Creative Education are providers of training and consultancy services for schools. Their blog is home to a tonne of advice for those looking to get started in the teaching profession. From creating stimulating questions to advice for dealing with difficult colleagues – we’re sure you’ll take something away from this site. 





Creative Star Learning is home to ‘practical ideas and information about learning and playing outdoors’. If you’re hoping to motivate your students to get outside and learn, the Creative Star Learning website can help you take the first steps. 





The White Board Blog is all about science and tech in the classroom. Run by Danny Nicholson, a teacher with 15 years’ experience, the site can show you how modern technology can transform the way you teach and inspire students. 





As the name suggests, Magical Maths, is a website dedicated to teaching mathematics. It’s widely recognised as one of the most effective learning hubs on the site and has helped thousands of teachers around the world.