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Built from a passion and commitment to education, A Star Teachers is a leading teaching and education recruitment agency in the UK. Managed and run by teachers and head teachers with a passion for teaching, we provide an outstanding service not just to education professionals that join us, but to schools, too.

Whether you’re looking for work as a teaching assistant, full-time or part-time teaching role, or you’re a school looking a new talent to join your team, we can help. At A Star Teachers we have partnerships with schools across London and the South East. Our service can help place teachers in a wide variety of subjects and develop their skill-sets. Visit our quick registration area to get more access to information and regular updates on teaching positions in London that are relevant to you.

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Amazing Equivalency Team!

I used A Star Teachers for an equivalency test in science. In which I achieved the grade desired, the booster classes are definitely worth it if you need to brush up on some knowledge. All involved in A Star Teachers are very helpful, so do not hesitate to contact them if you need help in subjects such as English, Maths and Science

The Best Teaching Agency In London!

'A Star,' for a numbers of reasons, are the best teaching agency I have worked for in London. Having emailed them my CV, I was contacted quickly, and given the opportunity to explain what type of role I was looking for, in light of my skillset and experience. I was almost immediately given the opportunity to interview, and felt very encouraged before delivering my lesson. In short, this is what 'A Star' do best: they value their teachers, and treat them with respect, care and professionalism. 'A-Star' are aware that happy teachers are effective ones. They take time to listen to your needs so that you are correctly placed and then adopt a pastoral, but non-invasive approach to supporting you in your role. Thank you 'A-Star.' I highly recommend you.

A Joy To Work With

I have only been with A* Teachers for a few months, but within that time, they have found me full time employment within a local school, which I thoroughly enjoy. After an initial phone conversation followed by an interview at their offices, my contact, Carol-Ann quickly found me a suitable vacancy, which suits my lifestyle and skill set perfectly. As well as placing me in a school, the agency always seem keen to keep up to date with my career progress and welfare, which as an employee, makes you feel very appreciated and supported. Thank you A* Star, may our successful working relationship continue into the foreseeable future!

The Full Package

A*Star Teachers has the whole package ! - Devoted Team - Quick Registration - Excellent support network. Working with A* was the best that could have happened for me. From the first phone call to the last day of placement I felt the support and devotion of the teacher assigned to me - Liza. The fact that they are all teachers makes it easier for them to relate, understand and guide you. I am still currently working with A* and would recommend them to everyone just as they were recommended to me by a teacher friend who worked with them in the past.

Superb Equivalency Courses

I took a 6 week intensive Science course, and boy was it intensive. Lots of stuff to take in, but it was delivered well and with some good ideas of how to remember things. The teacher gave us her email so we could contact her if we needed to. The other people that were in the office were very helpful regarding getting the books we needed and supporting us completing the course. I got a grade B, so we must have done something right. Thanks.

Professional, Supportive and Friendly!

A Star Teachers are the most professional, friendly and supportive team to work with. They are not only the teaching agency that supplied me with plenty of daily work. But also supported in every way when I was ready for permanent post. I worked with A Star Teachers on two occasions with 5 year gap in between. I returned to them with excitement and joy as I knew without a hint of a doubt that A Star Teachers is the perfect agency.

Thank You A* Star!

I needed a science subject GCSE equivalence qualification before enrolling on my PGCE course I didn't pass my biology equivalence test the first time round but they were very accommodating of the deadline that I was on and I passed second time! Really smooth and excellent customer service from Emily, who was very supportive throughout the whole experience, and everyone else who I dealt with too. Definitely would recommend to anyone that needs a GCSE equivalence qualification. Thank you A* Star!

Very Impressed!

I have been very impressed by the staff at A* Teachers. Everyone I have dealt with personally (Carol-Ann, Emily and Dave) has been professional, friendly and determined to find positions that suit my skills and experience. The service is efficient in terms of registration and submission of timesheets and they are extremely thorough in terms of safeguarding (reference and DBS) procedures. I decided to choose A* as my sole agency due to their personalised approach and positivity.

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